How to teardown and repair a broken laptop screen

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Laptop users’ most common problem is a broken screen. Accidents can happen, as we all know. But when the accident results in a laptop screen being broken, it may feel like the end of the world.

A cracked laptop screen is one of the most frustrating problems a user can experience. However, a broken laptop screen can be easily repaired in a few simple steps. You can learn how to fix a damaged laptop screen with the support of this article.

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Check the laptop

However, it is recommended that you try to troubleshoot the system before removing the laptop’s screen. The screen damage may be the result of some other issue in the system. Consider the following examples:

· Pixel problems will make it difficult to see images and text. If any pixels in a specific area are affected, it may cause a problem with visibility on the screen.

· The backlight may be causing images to appear faintly on the screen. As a result, obstacles in the way of the screen’s proper visibility are created. When the laptop is opened, a latch can be stuck in the closed position, causing the problem.

· If the screen is completely white, the issue may be due to a faulty cable link between the screen and the system’s board. In this case, all you have to do is open the laptop and double-check that the cables are properly attached.


Then the only important point to keep in mind is you should also be aware that fixing your laptop screen isn’t always easy, and you risk worsening the problem thereby voiding the manufacturer’s warranty. Before you begin the process of replacing your screen, make sure you are confident in your abilities and consider whether you would be more comfortable taking it to a Laptop repair shop.

Should you try this fix?

If your laptop’s warranty covers accidental damage, do not attempt this repair. Get the laptop repaired when it’s still under warranty from the manufactures.

Keep in mind that following the directions in this post is entirely at your own risk. PC Repair Guru and its affiliates are not liable for any personal injury, property harm, or data loss.

What is the cheapest way to fix a broken laptop screen?

You’ll have to do it yourself by following the step-by-step instructions for laptop screen replacement. By having the right tools, a little technical know-how, and a bit of patience you can replace a damaged screen and save laptop screen replacement cost.

Make sure you have the correct equipment before you begin. Here’s what works for the majority of laptops:PC

PC Repair Guru Full Set Tools For Any Laptop Screen Repair


A clean, flat surface where you can work: You’ll need a place to sit or stand if you prefer, and a flat surface on which to work on your laptop.

Safety pin or needle for removing the bezel: This is used to remove the cover stickers that hide the screws on the bezel of your laptop’s surrounding cover.

Small bowl or container: This is where you’ll put the small screws to keep them safe.

A small-head magnetic Philips screwdriver: Not as small as an eyeglass repair kit’s mini screwdriver, but somewhere between that and a mid-sized screwdriver would work. If you don’t have a screwdriver with a magnetic tip, find a magnet large enough to magnetise the driver head. This makes it much easier to remove and install screws without you screaming because they fall all over the place.

A plastic putty knife or another thin object to remove the screen bezel: This to help pry the screen bezel away from the case. If you do use another piece, make sure it’s thin enough to avoid leaving scrapes or other signs of prying.

Screen repair kits are also available for some models, so it’s worth looking into if they’re available for your laptop. These kits have everything you’ll need ahead of time so you can get to work without worrying about forgetting anything important. Of course, things from around your house will serve the same purpose while saving you money.

How to replace a laptop screen?

Here are the steps you can take to successfully replace or repair your cracked laptop screen.

Step 1. Buying the right laptop screen

First, you must purchase a screen that is compatible with the models of your laptop. One of the most important reasons to know your laptop’s model is to ensure that you’re getting the right replacement screen.

Finding the right screen for your laptop, fortunately, does not have to be difficult. Often, all you have to do is type your laptop model number into an online retailer’s search bar to find what you’re searching for. You may also want to use the word “screen” in your query to narrow down the options for the device. Some sellers can use a different method of identifying your laptop’s model, so double-check your selection before making a purchase.

The seller’s listing should have almost all the details you need. Take the time to compare the specs of your laptop to the screen you’re buying, and double-check that the video cable on the back of your screen matches with what the supplier displays online.

The type of laptop you have, as well as its age, will affect how much you’ll have to pay for a new screen, making finding one difficult. You should do some online research to see if you even have the option of repairing the screen yourself.

Step 2. How to remove the laptop battery?

Removing Laptop Battery

To prevent the chance of electric shock, turn off your laptop and make sure it is unplugged from the AC adapter before you begin the procedure. After that, it’s a good idea to remove the battery to prevent any other problems.

Step 3. How to remove the laptop bezel?

Once you have done that, find the round cover stickers that are hiding the screws on the screen bezel, the case surrounding the screen. They’re normally near the bottom of your screen, near the hinges when your display is open. You should see one, on each side of the screen.

How To Remove The Laptop Bezel?

Remove the now-exposed screws with your screwdriver. Some screws are simple to remove, while others are more difficult. Moving the screen into the exact right position usually exposes the screws enough for removal.

Examine the bezel around the screen after the concealed screws have been removed. To reach the screws that keep the LCD panel in place, you’ll need to remove this bezel. Used a thin metal blade to pry one of the bottom corners loose, then used a plastic spudger to work around the bezel.

Some laptops don’t have hidden screws. The bezel can be snapped onto the lid or secured with double-sided tape. You’ll need to detach the bezel entirely regardless of how you do it.

Now is the time to carefully remove the bezel. When removing the old screen’s bezel, be careful because you’ll have to reinstall it once the screen is replaced. You should be able to pry your laptop case with a putty knife or other flat item.

It could take some effort to completely remove it. Don’t be surprised if you hear any plastic snapping; that’s just the plastic tabs holding your panel to your case loosening. If you’re having trouble removing the old screen, it could be that the screws at the bottom aren’t loose enough; if that’s the case, pause and loosen them some more until attempting again.

It’s also possible that your screen would get stuck on the hinges. You can normally get it out of the case by slowly wiggling it.

Step 4. How to remove broken laptop screen

Remove Broken Laptop Screen And Put On Keyboard

Removing the screen would be one of the most difficult aspects of replacing your laptop screen. To begin, make sure the bezel is fully removed, so you can see the entire screen. It will be fixed to the metal frame of the laptop, and you will have to remove it from the left and right sides.

Before you can lift the screen away from the metal frame, you’ll need to remove two more screws at the top corners. On the sides of the screen, you’ll probably find a couple more screws that need to be unscrewed as well. In some situations, Heavy-duty tape may have been used instead. The screen of your laptop will gently pop out of its casing, showing the wires that link the monitor to the laptop.

Disconnect cable laptop to monitor.

The two main cables you should see are the video cable and the power cable of the inverter. Remove the wire that connects the laptop to the monitor, leaving the inverter wire as it is. You should be able to place the screen face-down on the keyboard at this stage.

Making sure there is enough space between the screen and the metal frame may be difficult. So, avoid putting too much pressure on the video cable that is connected to the back of the screen. If this gets damaged, you will need a professional’s help to repair it.

Note that if your laptop was manufactured before 2010 and has a screen with fluorescent backlights, it will almost likely have two cables. However, if it has an LED-backlit screen, then it will only have one.

You will also find the model number on the manufacturer’s mark on the back of the screen. You should be able to find an exact match for your broken screen using this detail.

Check Cable

Step 5 How to replace the laptop screen

Unpack the replacement screen and compare it to the old one to ensure it is the correct match. If all the dimensions, mounting brackets, and connectors match, the screen is ready to be installed.

You should be able to see where the new screen will go when you remove the old one. Replace the laptop screen by placing it face down in the frame to ensure it fits perfectly. After that, reconnect the video cable to the connector and reconnect the cables and any tape, just as you did with the old one. Make sure it’s properly aligned before taping it on.

It’s a good idea to at this stage to test the new screen before reattaching the bezel. Switch the laptop on after reconnecting the battery and power cable. If the screen comes on, you can reattach the bezel.

Once that’s done, double-check that the sides are safe. Replace the screws on the sides and top, as well as any tape that held it together. You can now replace the bezel after everything is nicely tightened. Secure it so that it snaps properly into the screen case and cannot be easily removed.

Fit New Laptop Screen Make Sure You Screw both Side

After you certain everything is snapped correctly into place reinsert the remaining screws into the bezel. You should not be able to see any cracks around the screen’s edges. Finally, reattach the sticky screw covers with a safety pin or needle.

Congratulate yourself on a job well done on your laptop screen repair.

A professional is not needed to repair a broken laptop screen. If you have the time and interest, doing it yourself will help you save a lot of money. You can get your laptop screen up and running again in an hour or two by following those DIY steps.

If all went well, you should now have a brand-new working laptop screen!

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